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For many years Hoare Research Software (HRS) have fostered a close association with the NZSA by offering prizes for the best student talks at NZSA conferences. Below is a list of prize-winners.

Year Conference / Venue Prize-winners
1994 NZSA, Massey University 1. Lovina McMurchy (University of Auckland)
1995 NZSA / A.C. Aitken Conference University of Otago 1. John Koolaard (Massey University)
2. Chris Stephens (University of Canterbury)
1996 NZSA
Victoria University of Wellington
1. Philip Schluter (University of Canterbury)
2. James O’Malley (University of Canterbury)
1997 NZSA, University of Auckland 1=. Bonnie Law (University of Auckland)
1=. Alain Vandal (University of Auckland)
1=. Andrew Balemi (University of Auckland)
1=. Paul Murrell (University of Auckland)
1998 NZSA, Massey University 1. Ken Miller (Statistics New Zealand)
2. Sharon Clark (Statistics New Zealand)
3. Mike Eglinton (Statistics New Zealand)
1998 ASC14 (NZ students only) 1. Alain Vandal (University of Auckland)
1999 NZSA
Victoria University of Wellington
1. Darren Upton (Victoria University of Wellington)
2. Jonathan Godfrey (Massey University)
3. Jenni Holden (University of Auckland)
2000 NZSA, University of Canterbury 1. Arier Lee (University of Auckland)
2001 NZSA / Australasian Region of IBS Conference
Park Royal Hotel, Christchurch
1. Jonathan Godfrey (Massey University)
2. Natalie Thorne (Walter & Eliza Hall Institute)
3. Jean Yang (University of California Berkeley)
2002 NZSA, University of Waikato not awarded
2003 NZSA
Massey University
1. Carole Wright (University of Waikato)
2. Katarina Domijan (University of Waikato)
3. Alasdair Noble (Massey University)
2004 NZSA
Victoria University of Wellington
1=. Caroline Roughneen (Trinity College Dublin / Victoria University of Wellington)
1=. Steven Johnston (Victoria University of Wellington)
2005 NZSA
University of Otago
1. Jonathan Godfrey (Massey University)
2=. Carla Meurk (University of Canterbury)
2=. Andrew Gormley (University of Otago)
2=. Alistair Merrifield (University of Sydney)
Best Poster. Matt Davis (University of Otago)
2006 ASC/NZSA 2006
SkyCity, Auckland
1. Steven Miller (University of Auckland)
2=. Matthew Schofield (University of Otago)
2=. Janine Wright (University of Otago)
2007 NZSA
University of Canterbury
1=. Matthew Schofield (University of Otago)
1=. Jason Bentley (University of Canterbury)
2008 NZSA
University of Waikato
1=. Stephen Taylor (University of Auckland)
1=. Gang (John) Xie (University of Canterbury)
Best poster: Kevin Chang (University of Auckland)
2009 NZSA, Victoria University of Wellington Sponsored by Offlode
See Newsletter 70 for details.
2010 NZSA
Massey University
1. Ting Wang (Massey University)
2=. Sarojinie Fernando (Massey University)
2=. Chew-Seng Chee (University of Auckland)
2011 NZSA
University of Auckland
1. Jing Liu (University of Auckland)
2. Adam Smith (Massey University)
3=. Sam McKechnie (University of Auckland)
3=. Peter Green (Otago University)
2012 NZSA
University of Otago
1=. Darcy Webber (Victoria University)
1=. Brigid Betz-Stablein (Massey University)

HRS Student Prize Photo Gallery

Since 2003 photos of prizewinners have appeared in the online newsletter

Student session presenters, left to right, Robert Lynn, Lovina McMurchy (winner), Lyn Hunt and Suzette Lizamore.Lovina McMurchy with Alastair Scott.
Ray Hoare with participants in the students prize. From left to right, back row: Ray Hoare; John Koolaard, winner of the SPSS prize for statistics donated by Hoare Research Software; Chris Stephens, highly commended; Mahammad Salehi; Sifa Mvoi; Front: James Curran; Andrew Balemi
Ray Hoare, Hoare Research Software, who sponsored the SPSS Prize in Statistics for the best student paper at the conference with students Robert Ware, James O’Malley (second $300), Sashi Sharma and Philip Schluter (first $700).
The 1977 painting ‘Random Numbers’ by Peter Smith is the background.Ray Hoare & 1996 prize winner, Philip Schluter, 10 years on at ASC/NZSA2006
Some of the Student Prize contestants, left to right: Bonnie Law, Alain Vandal, Kathy Ruggiero, Kelvin Lai, Max Whitaker, Andrew Balemi and Paul Murrell
NZSA Young Statistician Prize winners at the NZSA conference:
Kenneth Miller (first), Sharon Clark (second), Len Cook (Government Statistician) and Michael Eglinton (third)
1998 ASC14
Alain Vandal

Sponsor Ray Hoare with Darren Upton (first), Jonathan Godfrey (second) and Jenni Holden (third)

Jonathan Godfrey, Natalie Thorne and Jean Yang receiving their cash awards from Ray Hoare
Ray Hoare (right) presents the HRS student prizes to (left to right)
Alasdair Noble, Carole Wright (winner) and Katarina Domijan.
Ray Hoare of HRS and Stephen Haslett (NZSA President) present the student prizes to Steven Johnston (above) and Caroline Roughneen.
Winners of the HRS student prizes at the NZSA Conference. Pictured from left to right are Matt Davis (best poster); Ray Hoare; winner of the best student talk, Jonathan Godfrey; runners up: Carla Meurk and Andrew Gormley.
Ray Hoare from Hoare Research Software presenting the prize for the best talk by New Zealand students, won by Steven Miller.
HRS Prize winners Jason Bentley (left) and Matthew Schofield (right).
Stephen Taylor (University of Auckland), Kevin Chang (University of Auckland), Ray Hoare (HRS) and Gang (John) Xie (University of Canterbury).
Ting Wang (Massey University), Sarojinie Fernando (Massey University) and Chew-Seng Chee (University of Auckland).
Jing Liu (first place) from the University of Auckland.2011
Peter Green (third equal) of Otago University pictured with the Chair of the Local Organising Committee, James Curran.
Brigid Betz-Stablein (Massey University) and Darcy Webber (Victoria University) pictured with the NZSA President, James Curran.

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