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About the New Zealand Statistician

The New Zealand Statistician was the official journal of the NZSA between 1966 and 1997. In 1998 the New Zealand Statistician merged with the Australian Journal of Statistics to form the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics. The full index of articles is available here, in excel format and in pdf format.

Past Editors of the New Zealand Statistician are:

1966-1967 Bill Warren

1968-1969 W.A. Poole

1970-1971 John Revfeim

1972-1977 Robert Davies

1978-1983 David Rhoades

1984-1987 John Reynolds

1988-1990 Jocelyn Dale

1991-1995 Hugh Morton

1996-1998 Murray Jorgensen


Download Individual Articles

The full index of articles is available here, in excel format and in pdf format.  To see a particular article click on its hyperlink to open the pdf of its issue. Print the page numbers you want to a pdf.

Access the Complete Publication

Download a zip File

Download the zip file [139 MB], and unzip it.
You can use filters to search by author, title, year within the excel file
To see a particular article click on its hyperlink open file to open the pdf of its issue.

Purchase a CD

A CD has been made of the complete publication of the New Zealand Statistician. Copies of this CD are available for

Current members $5
Past members $25
Non members and libraries $55

To order a copy email Harold Henderson or write to

Harold Henderson, AgResearch, Ruakura, Private Bag 3123, Hamilton, New Zealand

CD Order Form

To see a particular article within the CD, click on its hyperlink open file to open the pdf of its issue. The folder pdf_files contains the pdf files and the folder PS_files contains the postscript files. Some postscript files have some pages upside down. These have been fixed in the corresponding pdf file.


There was no 1968 Volume 3 Number 1.

The scanning of these issues was subsidised by a grant from the Campbell fund, established through a bequest from Professor J T Campbell.

Karen Devoy and Catherine Cameron compiled the index.


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