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WCAS Workshop Details

The Waikato Centre for Applied Statistics (WCAS) Workshop has been a regular part of the New Zealand statistical landscape for many years. This page gives a record of presenters and subjects.

Year Presenters Date Topic
1990 Desmond Patterson, Emlyn Williams et al 29-30 March Design and Analysis of Complex Experiments
1991 Dennis Cook 14-Mar Dynamic Graphical Methods in Linear Models
1992 Alan Gleeson April Spatial Methods for Field Trials
1994 Ron Sandland,
Alan Veevers
7-Apr Industrial Statistics: The View from Australia
1995 John Nelder 27-Apr Generalizing Generalized Linear Models
1997 Stuart Hunter 3-Apr Statistical and Engineering Process Control
1999 Alan Agresti 8-Jul Categorical Data Analysis
2000 Bruce Weir & Christopher Basten 11-12 June Continuous and Discrete Trait Mapping
2001 Bill Bolstad,
James Curran,
Martin Upsdell
24-Apr Introduction to sampling based Bayesian methods including MCMC using BUGS
2002 Geoff Holmes et al 11-Jun Data Mining using WEKA
2003 Trevor Hastie, Thomas Yee 3-Apr Popular Methods for Supervised Learning
2004 Peter Green 1-Apr Structure and Uncertainty: statistical modelling, stochastic systems and Bayesian computation
2005 C.R. Rao 22-Mar Exploratory Data Analysis and Statistical Learning
2006 Geoff McLachlan 20-Apr Statistical Methods for the Screening and
Classification of Microarray Gene Expression Data
2007 Adrian Baddeley 11 April Spatial Statistics

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