Teaching Statistics and the NZSA

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NZSA Education Committee Page


The Committee is interested in the many issues that confront teachers, and has written its thoughts on some of these. Our documents go on the Census@School site. Use the Resources tab (http://new.censusatschool.org.nz/resources/). Then use Advanced Search, by Author, and look for NZSA.

NZSA 2008 Presentations

Sharleen Forbes (Statistics New Zealand) Keynote Address “Surfing the Education Wave with Official Statistics” 2.6 MB

Maxine Pfannkuch (University of Auckland) Contributed Presentation “Informal Statistical Inference” 1.9 MB

Mike Camden (Statistics New Zealand) Workshop Presentation “New Strengths in the Curriculum’s Statistics” 5.1 MB

Pip Arnold (University of Auckland) Workshop Presentation “Growing Scatterplots” (see 14 May)



UCMSCI video on YouTube (12/1/09)



http://www.topbridal.co.nzStatistics New Zealand Infoshare

Your connection to a rich source of data


Teaching Statistics: Wiley Journal

Wiley publish a journal called Teaching Statistics. The 2012 online sample copy is free for everyone to access. Visit:

Science Fairs

The NZSA and Statistics New Zealand co-sponsor statistics prizes at Science Fairs throughout New Zealand. Currently this is coordinated by Alasdair Noble.

Local Statisticians

There are many members of the NZSA who are practising statisticians and would be willing to meet with teachers and discuss real data and what to do with it. Contacts are given below.

Hamilton Harold Henderson (07) 838 5151
Palmerston North Alasdair Noble (06) 350 5799 Ext. 2475
Wellington Mike Camden (04) 931 4615
Christchurch Ian Westbrooke (03) 378 9588
Dunedin John Harraway (03) 479 7782


Here are some web sites that have interesting data sets or provide useful resources.

Statistics NZ Schools Corner
STN – Statistics Teachers Network (ASA): newsletter and listserver
STEW – STatistics Education Web (ASA): peer-reviewed lesson plans for K-12
Free Statistics Education Webinars (ASA)
Open Source Textbook Project

NZSA and the NZAMT Conference

The NZSA has provided funding through the Campbell Bequest Fund to support the NZAMT Conference since 2003. Over this period a senior practising statistician from within New Zealand has participated in the conference.

2003 NZAMT8 Bevan Werry speaker Sharleen Forbes
2005 NZAMT9 Bevan Werry speaker Harold Henderson
2007 NZAMT10 Campbell Bequest speaker Maxine Pfannkuch
2009 NZAMT11 Campbell Bequest speaker Cliff Konold

DVD: “Statistics in Research: A Visual Teaching Resource”

The DVD: “Statistics in Research: A Visual Teaching Resource”, created by John Harraway (University of Otago) and filmed at and subsequent to the NZSA 2005 Conference in Dunedin, is now available through the CASM Unit, University of Otago. It contains nine case studies, and has an accompanying data CD. It is intended for Year 13 school students and first year university students. See the linked pdf file for full details. A second DVD is in preparation.

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