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NZSA Visiting Lecturers

The New Zealand Statistical Association coordinates and provides some financial support for a tour of New Zealand universities by a distinguished overseas statistician. Normally the funding covers domestic travel within New Zealand, while host institutions cover local costs.

Usually this person, known as the NZSA Visiting Lecturer, will spend two to three days at each of the six main university centres, and give at least two lectures at each place: one for a general audience, and one more closely tied to his or her own particular research interests.

The 2001 NZSA Visiting Lecturer was Professor Richard Tweedie of the University of Minnesota, now sadly deceased.

NZSA Visiting Lecturers have been:

Prof Richard Tweedie 2001 Visit details
Prof C.R. Rao 2005 Visit details
Prof Ray Chambers 2008 Visit details
Prof Ingram Olkin 2010 Visit details

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