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Significance Writing Competition

For Early-Career Statisticians

Significance Early Career Writing competition


Are you an early-career statistician with the ability to tell data-driven stories in an entertaining and thought-provoking way? If so, we invite you to enter our 2017 writing competition. As in past years, the competition is jointly organised by Significance and the Young Statisticians Section of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS). However, this year the competition forms part of the RSS Statistical Excellence Awards programme, and the prize has been renamed “The Statistical Excellence Award for Early Career Writing”.

“Early career” means students or anyone within the first 10 years of their statistical career – so whether studying, recently graduated or already working, this competition is open to you.

The rules of entry are simple. Send us your best article, of between 1,500 and 2,500 words, on the subject of your choosing. The article could be on work that you have done, or it could explain the work of others. But to stand the best chance of winning, your article really needs to demonstrate the power that statistics has to challenge myths, shape decisions and explain the world around us.

Whatever you choose to write about, articles must be engaging and easy to read. Significance is published for a broad audience of readers, with varying levels of statistical expertise. This means technical terms and mathematics should be kept to a minimum and explained clearly where used. 


Last Modified: Thursday, 16th March 2017