Harmonic Analytics Prizes

Harmonic Analytics have generously sponsored prizes for the best student talks at the 2013,  2014, 2015 and 2016 NZSA conferences.

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2016 Winners

Talk Winner Niffe Hermansson User equilibria in systems of processor sharing queues
Highly Commended Matt Edwards Bayesian non-parametric spectral density estimation using B-spline priors
Highly Commended Oscar Dowson POWDER: A strategic planning tool for New Zealand dairy farmers
Highly Commended Alastair Lamont Estimation of quantitative genetics parameters in partially-genotyped populations 

2016 Conference Student prizes

Student talk prize winners (from left): Alastair Lamont (University of Otago), Matt Edwards (University of Auckland), Oscar Dowson (University of Auckland), Niffe Hermannson (University of Auckland) with Sam Caldwell (Harmonic Analytics) and Martin Hazelton (NZSA President)


2015 Winners

Talk 1st = Roy Costilla A Bayesian model-based approach to cluster repeated ordinal data 
Talk 1st = Sarah Pirikahu Bayesian inference for population attributable risk
Joint Runner Up Maarten Kruijver Characterising the genetic structure of a DNA database using a latent variable approach
Joint Runner Up Anjali Gupta Understanding intra-day variation in LIBS spectra


Left to Right: Roy Costilla, Sarah Pirikahu, Shirley Wu (Harmonic Analytics), Anjali Gupta, Maarten Kruijver, Martin Hazelton (NZSA President)

2014 Winners

Talk 1st = Daniel Fernandez Reversible-Jump MCMC for Likelihood-Based Finite Mixture Models for Ordinal
Talk 1st = Alison Sefton Diagnostics checks for anomalous small-area estimates
Talk Runner Up Zoe Williams Modelling New Zealand Guest Nights
Poster 1st Roy Costilla Cluster analysis of repeated ordinal data: a Bayesian Hierarchical approach to estimate
finite mixtures



Left to Right: Shirley Pledger (NZSA Chief Judge), Roy Costilla, Daniel Fernandez, Alison Sefton, Zoe Williams, Shirley Wu (Harmonic Analytics)

 2013 Winners

1st “Senior” Postgraduate Daniel Fernandez Likelihood‐Based Finite Mixture Models for Ecological Ordinal Data 
1st “Junior” Postgraduate  (Year 1 – 2 PhD student) Roy Costilla Cluster Analysis for Longitudinal Ordinal Data: A likelihood−based approach based on finite mixture models
1st Undergraduate Christopher Bryant Outliers in Time Series –  Using Aggregated Unit Record Data 

Young Stats Prize Winners 2013

Left to Right: Daniel Fernandez,  Shirley Wu (Harmonic Analytics), Roy Costilla, James Curran (NZSA President), Christopher Bryant

For many years Hoare Research Software (HRS) sponsored the best student talks at NZSA conferences.  A list of prize-winners can be found here.

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