2020 writing competition for early-career statisticians and data scientists

https://www.significancemagazine.com/10-news/640-enter-our-2020-writing-competition-for-early-career-statisticians-and-data-scientists If you read┬áSignificance, then you are definitely interested in stories about statistics and data science, and fascinated by what data can tell us about the world we live in. So, how would you like to write one of those stories for the magazine? If you are an early-career… Read More

MINZ 2019

Mathematics in Industry NZ 24-28 June 2019, University of Auckland Science Centre Mathematics-in-Industry NZ (MINZ) events offer a collaborative approach to industry problem solving, where mathematical scientists tackle real life problems shared by companies. This week-long intensive period of collaborative brain-storming is a great way of solving… Read More