2017 IASC-ARS/NZSA Conference

10-14 December, Auckland

The International Association of Statistical Computing (Asian Regional Society) and New Zealand Statistical Association (NZSA) are holding a joint conference hosted by the Department of Statistics, The University of Auckland at their city campus from Sunday 10th  December – Thursday 14th December 2017.

This conference incorporates both the 68th Annual NZSA Conference and the 10th Conference of the International Association of Statistical Computing (Asian Regional Society).

More information is available on the conference website: www.nzsa2017.com

The conference will begin on Sunday 10th December with an evening welcome reception.

The conference presentations and other events will be held from Monday 11th December 2017 to Thursday 14 December 2017.

For full details about the programme schedule, please click here.

Here are the key dates:

Key Dates
2 Nov 2016 Registration Open
30 Apr 2017 Call for papers
31 May 2017 Call for posters
20 Oct 2017 Early Bird Registration Ends
10-14 Dec 2017 Conference

You can contact the organisers and subscribe to the mailing list, by visiting this page or view a few nostalgic moments from NZSA 2011 here.

or connect with the event on Social Media using hashtag #IASCNZSA17 and tagging the University of Auckland Statistics Department

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2016 Conference

In 2016 NZSA  held a joint conference with the Operations Research Society of New Zealand (ORSNZ) at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

Photo are available on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/111101747@N06/albums/72157673204688373

2015 Conference

In 2015 the NZSA held a joint conference with the Operations Research Society of New Zealand (ORSNZ) at Canterbury University. For more information, including links to the Conference Proceedings, visit the conference website:  https://secure.orsnz.org.nz/conf49/.

Photo are available on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/111101747@N06/sets/72157659546529703


Photo of student talk prize winners: Roy Costilla, Sarah Pirikahu, Shirley Wu (Harmonic Analytics), Anjali Gupta, Maarten Kruijver, Martin Hazelton (NZSA President)

 2014 Conference

In 2014 the NZSA held a joint conference with the Operations Research Society of New Zealand (ORSNZ) at Victoria University in Wellington. For more information, including links to the Conference Proceedings, visit the conference website:  https://secure.orsnz.org.nz/conf48/.

Photos taken by Andrew Mason and Harold Henderson  are available on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/111101747@N06/sets/72157649504403986 (in album ‘NZSA-ORSNZ 2014’)

NZSA Honours 2014

Congratulations to the following members whose achievements were recognised at the 2014 conference:
Campbell Award 

Shirley Pledger

Shirley Pledger, 2014 Campbell Awardee pictured with outgoing President, James Curran

Shirley Pledger, 2014 Campbell Awardee, pictured with outgoing President, James Curran.

Littlejohn Award

Martin Hazelton


Martin Hazelton receiving the 2014 Littlejohn Award from James Curran whilst conference organiser, John Haywood, looks on.

Worsley Award

Tilman Davies

Tilman Davies, Worsley recepient

Tilman Davies, Worsley Award recipient.

Life Members

Jennifer Brown
Neil Cox
Stephen Haslett
David Scott

2014 Life Members, Jennifer, David and Neil.

2014 Life Members, Jennifer, David and Neil.


Martin Hazelton (NZSA President) with 2014 Life Member, Stephen Haslett.


  2013 Conference

The Operations Research Society of New Zealand (ORSNZ) and the New Zealand Statistical Association (NZSA) held a joint conference at the University of Waikato (November 2013).  This well attended and very successful conference covered practical and theoretical aspects of operations research and statistics.   A gallery of photos (kindly snapped by Harold Henderson) is available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/111101747@N06/.

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 NZSA Honours 2013

ERA, RAE, PBRF – anyone for acronym bingo? As some readers may recognize, they all relate to research assessment schemes. Success in such activities is becoming increasingly important to secure research funding (and in some cases to maintain employment!). A variety of dimensions of research output, impact and recognition are taken into account for these types of evaluation. For those aiming high, receipt of research awards are pure gold. However, until recently, statisticians in New Zealand were at a distinct disadvantage in gaining such recognition in comparison to researchers in other scientific disciplines. There was only one national award targeted exclusively at statisticians, the New Zealand Statistical Association’s Campbell Award. Moreover, that was not awarded every year, and was not specifically a research award, being available also for prolonged achievement in areas like statistics education and promotion of statistics.

Things changed from 2013, with the New Zealand Statistical Association (NZSA) establishing two new research awards. The Littlejohn Research Award recognizes excellence in research, based on publications during the five calendar years.  It is named in commemoration of Roger Littlejohn, who worked as a biometrician for nearly 30 years, and who was a stalwart of the NZSA. The Worsley Early Career Research Award recognizes outstanding recent published research from a New Zealand statistician in the early stages of their career. It commemorates Keith Worsley, a world leader in the statistical analysis of functional and structural brain imaging data.

The inaugural research awards were presented at the conference dinner for the joint NZSA-ORSNZ (Operations Research Society of New Zealand) meeting in November 2013, in Hamilton. The Littlejohn Research Award was won by Professor Richard Barker (University of Otago), for his outstanding work in ecological statistics (in particular, with capture-recapture models) and the Worsley Early Career Research Award by Dr Ting Wang (University of Otago) for her excellent research in statistical geophysics. John Harraway received the Campbell Award for his a remarkable and ongoing contribution to statistics teaching and learning. John is also from the University of Otago – it’s obviously something in the air down there!

Littlejohn Award 2013

Ting Wang receives the Worsley Early Career Research Award from NZSA Award Committee Convenor, Martin Hazelton.

Lastly, for anyone who did try their hand at deciphering the acronyms, ERA is Excellence in Research for Australia; RAE is the British Research Assessment Exercise; and PBRF is the New Zealand Performance Based Research Funding.

Martin Hazelton, NZSA Awards Convenor

For more information about NZSA honours visit: http://stats.org.nz/honours





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