Corporate Association with the NZSA

NZSA Affiliations

The NZSA is an affiliated organisation of the International Statistical Institute.

The NZSA is a member body of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

The NZSA is part of the Mathematical Sciences Council of New Zealand.

Corporate Members of NZSA

From the Constitution of the NZSA:

Corporate members: Firms or organizations interested in furthering the aims and objects of the Association. The method of election shall be the same as for ordinary members. Corporate members are entitled to have staff members attend General Meetings of the Association without their being ordinary members, but persons attending in this capacity will have no voting rights on any motion presented or ballot conducted at such meetings, except in the election of the corporate representative on the Executive Committee at the Annual General Meeting.

Corporate members receive two copies of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics.

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NZSA Regular Sponsors

SAS is the Platinum Sponsor of the 2011 & 2012 NZSA Conferences.
HRS (Hoare Research Software) sponsored the prize for student talks at NZSA Conferences (1994-2008, 2010-2012).
Wiley-Blackwell (who publish our journal) sponsor an email newsletter to NZSA members.
Statistics New Zealand and the NZSA co-sponsor the statistics prizes at regional science fairs.
RSNZ The RSNZ hosts the NZSA website.

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