Local Groups, Seminars & Visitors


Wellington Statistics Group (WSG)

The Wellington Statistics Group (WSG) is a Local Group of the NZSA. It hosts regular meetings on a wide variety of statistical topics.

Currently John Haywood is the convenor and Leigh Roberts organises the refreshments.

John Haywood was the inaugural convenor (from 2001 to 2006), followed by David Harte from 2007 to mid-2010.

Alistair Gray organised refreshments and arranged finances from 2001 to 2008, and still manages the finances.

Regular updates on WSG activities appear in the NZSA Newsletter.

Email notifications are sent to recipients about forthcoming talks.

To be included or removed from the list, or change your email address, visit the following web page:
Alternatively, contact John Haywood directly (John manages the mailing list).

We are grateful to all the WSG sponsors: Victoria University of WellingtonStats NZ, the Ministry of Social Development and Statistics Research Associates Ltd.

Recent WSG Talks

  • 28 February 2019, Room 350, Cotton Building, Victoria University of Wellington, Professor Estate Khmaladze, “What can we say about linear regression? Extension to general parametric regression”.
  • 11 December 2018, Rutherford House Lecture Theatre 3, Victoria University of Wellington: Brian Easton, “Poverty and the Statistician”.
  • 4 November 2015, 5:30-6.30pm: John Maindonald on “Reproducibility in Science – Rethink, or Crisis?”


Christchurch – Canterbury Tails

The University of Canterbury website provides a one-stop portal for statistical activities in the Canterbury Region.

Other regions

Informal local groups of statisticians also meet in Palmerston North and Dunedin on an ad hoc basis.

Statistics Seminars at Universities

University of Auckland Statistics seminars (includes email subscription)

Victoria University of Wellington seminars

University of Canterbury seminars

University of Otago seminars