Littlejohn Award

2020 Recipient: Renate Meyer

Renate received the award for her outstanding work in the field of Bayesian Inference and its applications. She has made significant contributions in statistics, as well as in the fields of astrophysics, biostatistics, computational statistics, ecology and econometrics. Renate is the recipient of multiple grants recognising her work and expertise, the most recent of which was a James Cook Fellowship.


This award recognizes excellence in research, based on publications during the five calendar years preceding the date of the award.

Next Round

  • Next round opens: 19 July 2021
  • Next round closes: 30 September 2021

Nominations should be sent to Matthew Schofield, Convenor of the NZSA Awards Committee, by email (

Award Details


This award is based on original statistical research published in the last five calendar years. Candidates will normally have been residents of New Zealand for this period, and must be financial members of the Association.  Previous recipients of the award are ineligible for nomination for a period of five years following their win.


Nominations can be made by individuals or groups of individuals. Nominators may be non-NZSA members. Nominations will be assessed by the NZSA Awards Committee, and should include the following:

  • name, affiliation and contact details of nominator;
  • name and affiliation of candidate;
  • statement of general area of research;
  • names of two persons willing to act as referees;
  • a list of books and/or research articles published in the last five calendar years;
  • electronic copies of the each of the five most significant publications selected from the list above;
  • a clear statement of how much of any joint work is due to the candidate;
  • and a citation, of maximum 40 words, summarizing the statistical research underlying the application.


The Littlejohn Research Award was established in 2013. It is named in commemoration of Roger Littlejohn, who  worked as a biometrician with AgResearch (formerly Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries), based at the Invermay Research Centre (Dunedin) for nearly 30 years.  A very practical and creative statistician, Roger devised innovative solutions to the many and diverse problems presented to him throughout his career.

Roger was an expert in the analysis of time series and in the application of hidden Markov models, and made major contributions in the analysis of hormone profiles and animal movement-behaviour studies.  He contributed to over 200 publications, and was a highly regarded contributor to the GenStat program.

Roger was a stalwart of the NZSA whose roles included that of President, Newsletter Editor and Webmaster.

Roger died in 2011, following a battle with secondary melanoma, having just turned 56.

Roger was posthumously awarded the 2011 Campbell Award in recognition of his significant contribution to the promotion and development of statistics in New Zealand.


If you have any queries about making a nomination/application for this award please email Matthew Schofield.


YearRecipients of the Littlejohn Award 
2013Richard Barker
2014Martin Hazelton
2015Mark Holmes
2016Geoff Jones
2017Matt SchofieldNewsletter 80
2019Richard Arnold
2020Renate Meyer