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It is the constitutional role of the Executive Committee to conduct the affairs of the Association between general

meetings of the Association.


NZSA Executive

The members of the NZSA Executive elected and endorsed at the AGM of 2017 are introduced below.

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PresidentIan Westbrooke
AGM Minutes
SecretaryVanessa Cave
Mentoring Sub-Committee
Exec Committee Meeting Minutes
TreasurerDaniel GerhardAGM Reports

Executive Committee and ex officio members of the Executive Committee

RoleCommittee Member
ANZJS Editorial RepresentativeMartin Hazelton
ANZJS Non-Editorial ManagementMatthew Schofield
Convenor Awards CommitteeMartin Hazelton
Convenor Canterbury TailsCarl Scarrott
Corporate RepresentativeRichard Penny
Convenor Education CommitteeAlasdair Noble
Membership SecretaryHarold Henderson
Editor NZSA NewsletterMarie Fitch
R Users Group RepresentativeShirley Wu
Convenor Science FairsAlasdair Noble
Student and Early Career Statisticians RepresentativeLisa Thomasen
Website AdministratorCatherine McKenzie
Convenor Wellington Statistics GroupJohn Haywood
CommitteeJennifer Brown
CommitteeJohn Haywood
CommitteeLinley Jesson
CommitteeMatthew Parry
CommitteeNokuthaba Sibanda
CommitteePeter Smith
CommitteeTing Wang
CommitteeThomas Yee
Conference Co-ChairJonathan Godfrey
Conference Co-ChairRina Parry

Much of the business of the NZSA is carried out by the Sub-committees and Offices listed above.


NZSA Office Bearers Archive

2018I WestbrookeV CaveD Gerhard
2017I WestbrookeJ HaywoodD Gerhard
2016M HazeltonJ HaywoodH Edwards
2015M HazeltonJ HaywoodH Edwards
2014J CurranB Jones
2013J Curran B Jones J McWhirter
2012J Curran B Jones J McWhirter
Aug 2011J Curran B Jones J McWhirter
2010J A BrownR PennyJ McWhirter
2009J A BrownR PennyJ McWhirter
2008J A BrownR PennyJ McWhirter
2007R P LittlejohnD FletcherJ McWhirter
2006R P LittlejohnD FletcherJ McWhirter
2005M A JorgensenJ McWhirterN R Cox
2004M A JorgensenJ McWhirterN R Cox
2003S HaslettA NobleG Jones
2002S HaslettA NobleM Doherty
2001D ScottA MillerM Doherty
2000D ScottA MillerM Doherty
1999D ScottA MillerP Graham
1998S ForbesF KrsinichP Graham
1997J J HunterS GaneshG Dunnet
1996J J HunterA R O LawokoG Dunnet
1995H V HendersonJ E WallerG Dunnet
1994H V HendersonR LittlerG Dunnet
1993C J ThompsonA G GrayA J Gomez
1992C J ThompsonA G GrayA J Gomez
1991C J ThompsonA G GrayA J Gomez
1990A J ScottA J LeeA J Gomez
1989A J ScottP R MullinsW A Neill
1988P J ThomsonC J ThompsonW A Neill
1987P J ThomsonC J ThompsonW A Neill
1986G E DickinsonD J CoxW A Neill
1985G E DickinsonD J CoxW A Neill
1984G E DickinsonD J CoxP J Thomson
1983D Vere-JonesJ JowettM Doherty
1982D Vere-JonesJ JowettM Doherty
1981D Vere-JonesJ JowettR Renner
1980R B DaviesJ JowettR Harrison
1979R B DaviesT BallL Morrison
1978L F JacksonT BallL Morrison
1977L F JacksonL W CookM A Jorgensen
1976H R ThompsonL W CookM A Jorgensen
1975H R ThompsonL W CookC W Walker
1974H R ThompsonT O H PappsP A Walker
1973H R ThompsonT O H PappsH S Roberts
1972S S KuzmicichH S RobertsH S Roberts
1971S S KuzmicichH S RobertsH S Roberts
1970S S KuzmicichH S RobertsH S Roberts
1969B I HaymanG C ArnoldG C Arnold
1968H R ThompsonG C ArnoldG C Arnold
1967G A VignauxG C ArnoldG C Arnold
1966G A VignauxK J A RevfeimK J A Revfeim
1965-66G A VignauxK J A RevfeimK J A Revfeim
1964-65S S KuzmicichK J A RevfeimK J A Revfeim
1963-64S S KuzmicichE M TateE M Tate
1962-63J H DarwinC J ThompsonC J Thompson
1961-62J H DarwinC G GillionC G Gillion
1960-61E G JacobyC G GillionC G Gillion
1959-60E G JacobyS S KuzmicichS S Kuzmicich
1958-59E G JacobyS S KuzmicichS S Kuzmicich
1957-58J V T BakerJ H DarwinJ H Darwin
1956-57J V T BakerJ H DarwinJ H Darwin
1955-56I D DickS R SearleS R Searle
1954-55I D DickN S MountierN S Mountier
1953-54P B LynchN S MountierN S Mountier
1952-53R M WilliamsH S RobertsH S Roberts
1951-52J G MillerH S RobertsH S Roberts
1950-51G E WoodJ G MillerJ G Miller
1949-50J T CampbellI D DickI D Dick

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

201817 MayNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 17 May 2018
201610 AugustNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 10 August 2016
201620 AprilNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 20 April 2016
20154 NovemberNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 4 November 2015
20153 SeptemberNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 3 September 2015
20152 AprilNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 2 April 2015
201420 OctoberNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 20 October 2014
201430 JulyNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 30 July 2014
201424 MarchNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 24 March 2014
201316 OctoberNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 16 October 2013
201317 JulyNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 17 July 2013
201311 MarchNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 11 March 2013
201229 NovemberNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 29 November 2012
201223 OctoberNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 23 October 2012
201231 MayNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 31 May 2012
20125 MarchNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 5 March 2012
20114 NovemberNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 4 November 2011
201122 JulyNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 22 July 2011
201113 MayNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 13 May 2011
201026 NovemberNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 26 November 2010
20104 JuneNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 4 June 2010
201019 MarchNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 19 March 2010
200927 NovemberNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 27 September 2009
200914 AugustNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 14 August 2009
200915 JuneNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 4 June 2009
20096 MarchNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 6 March 2009
200828 NovemberNZSA Exec Meeting Minutes 28 November 2008