The New Zealand Statistical Association

Welcome to the New Zealand Statistical Association’s website. 

NZSA Newsletter 87 (July 2022) is available now. It can be read here.

The 2022 NZSA UnConference will be held 22-23 November at the University of Auckland. It is intended to provide members of the New Zealand Statistical Association a chance to meet up, share ideas, and statistical expertise in a conference-like setting—for free. We make this distinction because the UnConference will be unconventional, in that it will not be exactly like our regular annual conference. The event will include talks, the usual presentation of NZSA Awards, and the Annual General Meeting of the Society. Registration is now closed.

We plan to give out a number of travel awards to student members who are presenting at the conference. Details are on the unConference website along with a draft schedule.

The NZSA Mentoring Programme was launched in March 2022 with a webinar which was attended by over 60 NZSA members.

The first cohort of the mentoring programme is running from May–Oct 2022 and involves 14 mentor/mentee pairs. Participants expressed interest in being involved by completing a short survey with pairings being communicated in April.

More information about the ongoing programme can be found here.

If you have any questions, or to express interest in being involved in a future cohort of the mentoring programme, please email Lisa Thomasen.