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Tena koutou to people teaching statistics during the Alert Levels

If you’d like ideas or support, please contact one or more of these members of the Education Committee:

Alasdair Noble, 

Michelle Dalrymple, 

Pip Arnold, 

Mike Camden, 

Mark Hooper,

Marion Steel

Robyn Headifen

Dave Phillipps 

Chris Wild, 

Derek Smith,

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Our purpose

We aim to improve the quality of statistics education at all levels within New Zealand. This supports the mission of the NZSA to lead New Zealand to value and make intelligent use of statistical thinking and good statistical practice.

Our main goal is to positively influence statistics education by providing leadership that consists of expert advice and advocacy for change.

Overall we want to:

  • cooperate and collaborate with key stakeholders
  • maintain a high profile across key stakeholders
  • maintain our currency in statistical best practice and statistics education research
  • proactively seek out and assess new opportunities for statistics education.

Expert advice includes:

  • providing expert guidance in statistics education
  • using and sharing ideas, experience and expertise within statistics education
  • regularly reviewing the implementation of the statistics strand within the mathematics and statistics learning area of the New Zealand Curriculum, associated national qualifications, and other learning areas that contain statistical ideas, for example, biology, psychology, social studies, geography, general science, and physical education.

Advocacy for change includes:

  • identifying gaps and finding ways to bring about change
  • promoting the importance of statistics education
  • promoting and communicating future trends in statistics education
  • monitoring statistical education activity
  • feeding forward and feeding back to support transitions across the different education sectors.

The  Education Committee’s annual reports, from 2009, are available at  

NZSA also has supported the biennial conferences of the NZ Association of Mathematics Teachers (NZAMT) by helping to fund speakers in statistics education. It has done this since 1999. See below.

The Committee welcomes contact from the statistical education community. If you wish to bring issues to our attention, please contact us through our email address.


The Committee is interested in the many issues that confront teachers, and has written its thoughts on some of these. Our documents go on the Census@School site. Use the Resources tab ( Then use Advanced Search, by Author, and look for NZSA.

Here are the recent postings:

  • Links with statistical or modelling content about Covid-19. . Under ‘Enrichment and promotional’, see ‘Covid-19 documents’.

  • External NCEA assessments in Statistics 2018

  • Statement to NZQA about AS91035, AS91264 and AS91582 clarifications and student exemplars

A statement for the Ministry, and other stakeholder groups, about ensuring that mathematics and statistics has substantial options in the new NCEA system.

  • Learning Area and Subjects in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Kim Hill on RNZ on Sat 7 Sept 2019 10.05 am and 31 Aug 11.40 am: David Spiegelhalter, Hadley Wickham:

Quoted in:

  • Topics for NCEA Review from NZSA Education Committee:

  • Literacy for University Entrance:

  • A response to the Ministry’s ‘six big opportunities’:

Also in the last link is the NZ Mathematical Society Education Committee submission, and our endorsement of it.



  • Maximising the benefits of statistical learning in schools, available in



Education News

News from the Educational Committee is published in the NZSA newsletter:

NZSA and NZAMT Conferences

The NZSA has supported the New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers’ Conference through the sponsorship of the following invited and Plenary speakers:

Date & LocationSpeaker
1999 (Dunedin)Jane Watson, University of Tasmania
2001 (Wellington)Gail Burrill, Former President of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (USA)
2003 (Hamilton)Jeff Witmer, Oberlin College (USA)
2005 (Christchurch)Helen Chick, University of Melbourne
2007 (Auckland)Maxine Pfannkuch, University of Auckland
2009 (Palmerston North)Cliff Konold, University of Massachusetts (USA)
2011 (Christchurch)Helen MacGillivray, Queensland University of Technology
2013 (Wellington)Chris Wild, University of Auckland
Allan Rossman, California Polytechnic University (USA)
2015 (Auckland)Robert Gould, University of California, Los Angeles (USA)
Richard de Veaux, Williams College, Massachusetts (USA)
2017 (Christchurch)Christine Franklin, American Statistical Association and University of Georgia (USA)
2019 (Wellington)Anna Fergusson, Universiity of Auckland