NZSA Publications

Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics

The Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics is published four times a year by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the Statistical Society of Australia Inc. and the New Zealand Statistical Association.

Information about the Journal may be found on the home page:
Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics

Subscribers to the ANZ Journal of Statistics are able to access an electronic version of the Journal from the Wiley Publishing site.

New Zealand Statistician

The New Zealand Statistician was the official journal of the NZSA between 1966 and 1997. The scanned text of all issues is downloadable as a zip file.

Full information is given on the NZ Statistician archive page.

NZSA Newsletter

The NZSA Newsletter is produced twice a year. Hardcopy, pdf and online versions are available, and members who no longer wish to receive the hardcopy version should notify the editor.

Submissions to the Newsletter
The Newsletter welcomes any submissions of interest to members of the New Zealand Statistical Association. News about New Zealand statisticians, statistical meetings, statistical organisations, statistics in education, or statistical curiosities are suitable for inclusion. Letters that raise issues of importance to statistics in New Zealand are also welcomed. Photographs of recent gatherings and new appointees are of particular interest. Electronic submissions are preferred.

Advertising In the Newsletter
The Newsletter accepts advertising of interest to statisticians in New Zealand. Advertising is placed subject to space considerations. Personal advertising by NZSA members will be published free. Other advertising is $250 per page, $140 per half page, and $75 per quarter page. Other sizes can be quoted on request. All advertising requests should be directed to the editor.


The History of Statistics in New Zealand

A History of Statistics in New Zealand was published by Bateson Publishing in 1999, with funding from the New Zealand Statistical Association and the Lotteries Commission of New Zealand. H S (Stan) Roberts edited the history, and wrote substantial sections.

The book was launched on November 22, 1999. A copy of the book was sent to all NZSA members as of the 50th Annual Meeting of the NZSA in Wellington in July, 1999. Only a very small number of hard copies remain for purchase. The electronic copy is available for download and can be used as long as the NZSA is acknowledged as the source.

The NZSA is currently working on an updated 2nd edition. Contact the editor, Richard Penny, with suggestions for content.