Science Fairs and the NZSA

NZSA, jointly with SNZ since 1997, sponsors special prizes for statistics at regional science fairs around the country. Together we now provide $120 for prizes at each of the 24 fairs. We split the prize money into senior and junior prizes where possible and we also present some certificates of merit for other worthy exhibits, at the judges’ discretion. The current Science Fairs Convenor is Alasdair Noble.

A report on the 2010 Wellington Science Fair, as well as comments on the state of statistics education in schools, can be found in Newsletter 72.

From the 2004 Annual Report:

It was reported back almost universally last year that the number of senior entries had fallen dramatically, possibly due to the pressures of NCEA. However, the judges I have spoken to seem to feel our presence and our prizes were still useful and that, even in the past, the junior exhibits had often been more interesting / deserving than the senior ones. There were mixed reports about the quality of the exhibits at the different fairs this year, with some judges reporting much better use of statistical techniques and other judges being disappointed. Overall, it seems our efforts are worthwhile and that our involvement is a valuable opportunity to encourage students.

Jenny Mason