Life Membership of the NZSA

The NZSA Constitution (Clause 3b) writes:

Honorary Life Members: Honorary Life Members are ordinary members of the Association who have been nominated by the Executive Committee and elected by a majority vote at a General Meeting of the Association on the basis of a long and distinguished record of service to the Association. They have all the rights of an ordinary member.

Life Members of the NZSA are:

Stan Roberts1981NZ Statistician Vol 16(1)
J.T. Campbell1983NZ Statistician Vol 18(2)
Geoff Jowett1984NZ Statistician Vol 19(2)
David Vere-Jones2003Online Newsletter 58, September 2003
George Seber2003Online Newsletter 58, September 2003
Alastair Scott2003Online Newsletter 58, September 2003
John Darwin2005Online Newsletter 62, September 2005
Steve Kuzmicich2005Online Newsletter 62, September 2005
Jean Thompson2006Online Newsletter 64, September 2006
Jeffrey Hunter2006Online Newsletter 64, September 2006
Sharleen Forbes2008Online Newsletter 68, September 2008
Robert Davies2009Online Newsletter 70, September 2009
Mike Camden2010Online Newsletter 72, October 2010
Len Cook2010Online Newsletter 72, October 2010
Mike Doherty2010Online Newsletter 72, October 2010
Harold Henderson2013 
Peter Johnstone2013 
Murray Jorgensen2013 
Judi McWhirter2013 
Jennifer Brown2014 
Neil Cox2014 
Stephen Haslett2014 
David Scott2014 
Chris Wild2015 
Richard Penny2017