About the New Zealand Statistical Association

The NZ Statistical Association, founded in 1948, is New Zealand’s only association for professional statisticians. For a fuller description of the aims and activities of the NZSA, and background to this page, visit the aims and activities page. The NZSA is registered as a charitable entity.

The constitutional aims and objectives of the association are the encouragement of theoretical and applied statistics in New Zealand. To read the constitution in full, visit the constitution page.

To maintain professional standards, the 1995 annual conference the NZSA adopted a ‘Code of Ethics’ (see the Code of Conduct page).

The NZSA is managed by an Executive, who are introduced on the Executive page, and whose roles are described on the Executive Committee page.

The association is an affiliated organisation of the International Statistical Institute, is a member body of the Royal Society of New Zealand and is part of the Mathematical Sciences Council of New Zealand.

Members of the NZSA receive the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics quarterly, and the NZSA Newsletter twice a year.

The NZSA usually holds an annual conference, in a one-, two- or three-day or co-hosting format as appropriate in the context of the year’s activities.