NZSA Honours

The NZSA recognizes contributions to the New Zealand statistical community through the Campbell, Littlejohn and Worsley awards, and Life Membership of the Association. The NZSA hosts distinguished overseas statisticians as Visiting Lecturers. The Executive has been considering a proposal to institute the honour of a Fellowship of the NZSA. Campbell Award The purpose of the award is to promote statistics within NZ and to recognise an individual’s contribution to the promotion and development of statistics. Littlejohn Research Award  The purpose of the award is to recognise excellence in research, based on publications during the five calendar years preceding the date of the award. Worsley Early Career Award  The purpose of the award is to recognise outstanding recent published research from a New Zealand statistician in the early stages of their career. Life Membership Honorary Life Membership honours persons with a long and distinguished record of service to the Association. Visiting Lecturer The New Zealand Statistical Association coordinates and provides some financial support for a tour of New Zealand universities by a distinguished overseas statistician.

RSNZ Awards

The Academy Council of the Royal Society of New Zealand administers a suite of medals and awards, for some of which members of the NZSA will be eligible. Electronic copies of the information and application forms are available from awards@royalsociety.org.nz; copies are also available on the Society’s website at http://www.royalsociety.org.nz/programmes/awards/. Among past recipients of RSNZ awards are:

Professor Al Rae 1973 Fellow of the RSNZ
Professor Peter Whittle 1981 Honorary Fellow of the RSNZ
Professor David Vere-Jones 1982 Fellow of the RSNZ
Professor Bryan Manly Fellow of the RSNZ  RSNZ
Professor Alastair Scott  1990 Fellow of the RSNZ  RSNZ
Professor George Seber Fellow of the RSNZ RSNZ
Professor Bruce Weir 1998 Honorary Fellow of the RSNZ news991.pdf page 1
Professor Shayle Searle 1999 Honorary Fellow of the RSNZ news001.pdf page 5
Professor David Vere-Jones 1999 Rutherford Medal (New Zealand Science and Technology Gold Medal) news001.pdf page 6
Professor Jeffrey Hunter 2003 New Zealand Science and Technology Bronze Medal newsletter 58
Len Cook 2005 Companion of the RSNZ report
Professor Chris Wild 2007 Fellow of the RSNZ RSNZ
Professor Mick Roberts 2008 Fellow of the RSNZ
Professor Keith Worsley 2008 Honorary Fellow of the RSNZ
Ross Ihaka 2008 Pickering Medal report
Professor Estate Khmaladze 2010 Fellow of the RSNZ RSNZ
Emeritus Professor David Vere-Jones 2014  Jones Medal RSNZ
Alastair Scott 2016 Jones Medal RSNZ

International and National Recognition of NZSA Members

NZSA members, resident in New Zealand or overseas, have received recognition in various forms for their contributions to statistics. The list below is not exhaustive – please notify the webmaster of any additions or corrections.

Professor Al Rae 1977 McMeekan Award; New Zealand Society of Animal Production citation
Professor Peter Whittle 1978 Fellow of the Royal Society biography
Professor David Vere-Jones 1995 Henri Willem Methorst Medal; ISI
Professor Bruce Weir 2003 O. Max Gardner Award; U North Carolina NCSU report
Professor George Seber 1999 Hector Medal (in Mathematical and Information Sciences) RSNZ
Professor Shayle Searle 2003 Honorary Doctorate; Victoria University of Wellington
Sheila Williams 2004 D.Sc.; University of Otago newsletter 60
Len Cook 2005 Commander of the British Empire report
Professor Jeffrey Hunter 2005 D.Sc.; Massey University newsletter 61
Professor Alastair Scott 2006 Waksberg Award; American Statistical Association and the Statistical Society of Canada newsletter 64
Ken Dodds 2007 McMeekan Award; New Zealand Society of Animal Production
Professor Chris Wild 2009 Fellow of the American Statistical Association
Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman 2010 Statistical Computing and Graphics Award report
Paul Murrell 2010 Fellow of the American Statistical Association
Professor Estate Khmaladze 2011 Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Professor Thomas Lumley 2012 Fellow of the American Statistical Association report

Conferences in Honour of NZSA Members

Professor David Vere-Jones 2001 Symposium, Victoria University of Wellington report (News 012, page 4)
Professor Alastair Scott 2004 Complex sampling, retrospective sampling and missing data (IASS Satellite Meeting, University of Auckland) report
Professor John Deely 2007 University of Canterbury report
Professor Chin-Diew Lai 2010 International Conference on Statistical Methodologies and Related Topics in conjunction with NZSA Annual Conference (Massey University) link


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