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Retirement after 54 years – on the third go

      Associate Prof John Harraway has taught for 54 years in the University of Otago’s mathematics and statistics department and is  a former president of the International Association for Statistical Education.  He talks to reporter John Gibb about his long career and his third and final retirement. Read More

Kit Yates: Maths, a matter of life and death

Another RNZ podcast, as much statistical as mathematical For example, statistics badly applied did lead to Sally Clarke’s death. And helped wrongly convict Angela Cannings, Trupti Patel and Donna Anthony for murders of their children also. Read More

Hadley Wickham – open source data wrangler

  New Zealand-born data scientist Hadley Wickham is developing open source ways to help people collect and analyse the information that surrounds us every day. He’s yet to meet a data set he doesn’t like and loves poring over his own heart rate statistics, hospital admissions data, and obscure surveys… Read More

YSC2019 Video Competition

We are pleased to advise that the deadline for YSC2019 Video Competition submissions has been extended until 25 September 2019. We invite anyone who is unable to attend YSC2019 to share their research through this competition. The competition is a great opportunity to practice your communication skills when trying to explain your research… Read More

Sir David Spiegelhalter on Radio New Zealand

Sir David Spiegelhalter talks for 50 minutes with Kim Hill:   “In his new book The Art of Statistics the Cambridge Professor shares his passion for data, scientific evidence and risk, and how it’s reported to us. So bacon kills? Well, not so much. And don’t get him started on average… Read More

International Statistical Ecology Conference 2020

You are now invited to submit an abstract for a presentation or poster at the International Statistical Ecology Conference (ISEC2020), to be held on June 22-26, 2020 in Sydney Australia.  Abstracts are due by December 2, 2019.  Bursaries are available to presenters from developing countries.   For details go to the conference website  … Read More

Genetics Society of America Award to Bruce Weir

Genetics Society of America (GSA) Grants 2019 Elizabeth W. Jones Award for Excellence in Education to Bruce Weir   Bruce Weir, PhD, of the University of Washington in Seattle is the recipient of the 2019 Genetics Society of America (GSA) Elizabeth W. Read More

Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in Statistics/Analytics, AUT

Preference will be given to candidates with strong research and teaching interests in Bayesian statistics, statistical data analysis and modelling, multivariate analysis, or stochastic operations research. Experience with advanced topics in analytics and consulting to business and industry as well as expertise with software packages such as SAS, R and… Read More

Biostatistics role at the University of Otago, Wellington

We are currently recruiting in the Biostatistics Group at the University of Otago, Wellington, for a collaborative biostatistician to work with our team and other researchers across the Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences (including clinical, public health, and biomedical research). This position provides the opportunity to work with… Read More

Senior Data Scientist Vacancy at AgResearch

The Knowledge & Analytics group at AgResearch supports scientific research in a range of areas to the benefit of the pastoral agricultural sector. This is a team of highly motivated individuals who between them have a broad range of expertise and enjoy working collaboratively to create innovative solutions. We are… Read More