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New version of ANZStat mailing list

The old ANZSTAT mail list has now been replaced by ANZSTAT discussion forum, hosted by the Statistical Society of Australia. This is a great place to connect with the statistical community, to have interesting discussions, and advise of jobs vacancies or upcoming events. You can join the forum here… Read More

Interview with Adrian Barnett

A fun interview on RNZ with Adrian Barnett (Statistician, QUT) from Sunday 23 August 2020:   Their paper is “Meta-Research: The growth of acronyms in the scientific literature” Adrian Barnett, Zoe Doubleday… Read More

Statistical consulting in the 21st century

Open to NZSA members: We are proud to announce a special event later this month: a panel discussion on “Statistical consulting in the 21st century”, hosted jointly by the Statistical Consulting Network, the Canberra Branch and the Victorian Branch. Please see below for more details. Please note the… Read More

NZSA UnConference November 2020

University of Auckland 24-25 November 2020 The unfortunate events surround COVID-19 have meant that those NZSA members who were planning to attend our joint meeting with the SSA on the Gold Coast this July were unable to do so in person. Therefore the NZSA will run a mini conference on… Read More

Virtual mini-conference July 2020

SSA and NZSA will host a virtual conference session on July 9, from 1pm to 2:30pm AEST ( 3pm NZST). Sepi Sharif, talking about “Exploring the computational efficacy of Inductive Linearisation to solve for pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic systems of nonlinear ordinary differential equations“ Gang Xie, who will encourage us to “Please join us… Read More

MSc 1-year Scholarship in Bayesian Modelling at UC(NZ)

A 1-year MSc scholarship (17,000/annum + fees) are available to NZ residents at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch (New Zealand).   Description: Bayesian statistics is often advertised as a seamless and natural way to proceed from an old state of knowledge to a new one by updating the prior distribution… Read More

George Seber interview on RadioNZ

Alcohol: A dangerous love affair? While coping with the lockdown might have you reaching for the wine – or something stronger – George Seber would caution against that. He’s an Emeritus Professor of Statistics at Auckland University and has crunched the numbers on the harm caused by the $4b New… Read More

COVID-19: Advocacy of statistical expertise

Acting on behalf of the NZSA, the President, Secretary and Immediate Past President sent the following email to the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor,  the Government Statistician and the Chief Science Advisor for the Ministry of Health   Dear Professor Juliet Gerrard, Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor cc Mark Sowden,… Read More

COVID-19 Resources

Statistical Society of Australia webinar on COVID-19 by by Nicholas Fisher and Dennis Trewin “Learning about the knowns and unknowns: The essential role of statisticians” is on the SSAI Youtube channel: About this webinar: Understanding and controlling the spread of COVID-19 is critically dependent on the availability of… Read More