What: Short Course on Modelling Ordinal Categorical Data

When: Thursday 13th February 2020, 11am – 4pm

Where: Victoria University of Wellington, Kelburn Campus, HULT119

Cost: Free (Lunch provided)


Victoria University of Wellington School of Mathematics and Statistics is excited to announce that Distinguished Emeritus Professor Alan Agresti (University of Florida) will be taking a short course on Modelling Ordinal Categorical Data.

The one day course will take place on our Kelburn Campus in HULT119 in the form of two lectures.

The two lectures will present models for analyzing categorical response variables that have a natural ordering of the categories. Such data that often occur in the social sciences (e.g., for measuring attitudes and opinions) and in medical and public health disciplines (e.g., pain, quality of life, severity of a condition).

The main focus is on logistic regression models using cumulative logits, with and without proportional odds structure.

Examples will use R software. The presentation emphasizes interpretation of the methods rather than technical details, with examples including randomized clinical trials and social survey data. The lectures will take material from the books written by Alan Agresti, “Analysis of Ordinal Categorical Data” (2nd ed., Wiley, 2010) and “An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis” (3rd ed., Wiley, 2019).

There is no registration fee for attending this course.

Lunch will be provided on the day. Spaces are limited so make sure you register.

Please note, registrations close on Monday 10th February. Late registrations will need to contact Caitlin using the details below.

Register here

Please use this map to locate the Hunter Building where HULT119 is located.

Please direct any administrative questions to Caitlin Warwood.