You are invited to attend this year’s Mirzakhani Hui (named for Maryam Mirzakhani), a local conference for women in the lower North Island from Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Modelling and Computer Science that is now going into its third year. It is to be held at Tatum Park on November 14th 2019.

For those of you who have attended one of these huis in previous years, this one will be similar in nature.

It will be informal with plenty of room for discussions and interactions on top of a more formal programme.

The program will include scientific exchange,  panel discussions and workshops on career development and work/life balance, and opportunities for networking and mentoring.

We are building on the previous year’s successful conferences which established ongoing  networks and mentoring relationships across institutions and disciplines.

There is no cost to attend, and is a one-day event only, that is, the workshop will start around 9.30am on the day and finish around 4pm.

This year there is a cap on the number of women we can  accommodate, so I will be sending out the invitations in staggered waves, and stop when we are full.


Please can you let me know, by Friday 2nd August, the answers to the following questions.

1)           Would you like to attend the workshop?

2)           If you would like to attend, will you be able to drive a van if necessary? And are there any dietary requirements?

3)           If you are unable to attend, is there anyone who you think might be interested instead?

Look forward to seeing you in November!

Rina Parry