MSc 1-year Scholarship in Bayesian Modelling at UC(NZ)

A 1-year MSc scholarship (17,000/annum + fees) are available to NZ residents at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch (New Zealand).


Description: Bayesian statistics is often advertised as a seamless and natural way to proceed from an old state of knowledge to a new one by updating the prior distribution with new data to obtain a posterior distribution, and passing that posterior distribution on as a new prior. However, the second step rarely happens in practice. The candidate will study the ways in which posterior passing can be applied in the context of Bayesian grape growth models.

The project is part of an MBIE-sponsored 5-year GYA program, which is a dynamic multidisciplinary project in close collaboration with the NZ wine industry, and has received the Gold Rating in 2018.

Skills required:
– understanding of Bayesian statistical methods
– strong mathematical background
– ability to design and implement MCMC algorithms
– programming proficiency (R preferred)

The starting date: June-Sept 2020 (or until filled)

Please write to or for further information.