Ken Russell (ex Victoria University of Wellington) passed away peacefully in Wollongong on 16 July after suffering from cancer, in his 69th year. Ken is survived by his wife Janet, and brothers Colin and Ian.

His funeral will be held on Tuesday 23rd July at 2pm, at St Mark’s Anglican Church, 433 Crown Street Wollongong.

In lieu of flowers donations to Kidney Health Australia  via would be appreciated.

Before he came to New Zealand, Ken had kidney failure and needed dialysis.

While at VUW he had a successful kidney transplant and for most of his life had a working NZ kidney alongside his two non-working Australian kidneys.

His New Zealand kidney performed sterling service throughout and it was the cancer that took him in the end.

Although not unexpected, Ken’s passing has come far too soon.

He was still relatively young and had yet to reach the hallowed three-score years and ten.

We remember him very fondly and will be raising a glass in his honour next Tuesday to celebrate his friendship, his statistical contributions and his remarkable teaching achievements.

Ken continued his membership of NZSA until his retirement in 2015.

His book on “Design of Experiments for Generalized Linear Models” was published at the end of 2018.