NZSA Archive

NZSA Electronic Archive

Records of Minutes and Financial Reports from NZSA Annual General Meetings (since 1999), and copies of AGM Committee Reports (since 2010), are available online.

Minutes from the NZSA Executive Committee Meetings (since 2012) are available here.

NZSA Newsletters (since 1998) are available here.

An index to the New Zealand Statistician, a table of Association Office Bearers and a table of NZSA Conference venues (with links to abstract books from 2010) are also available online.

Our website also has a photo gallery of Hoare Research Software student prize winners, an archive of Wellington Statistics Group talks, and a table of Waikato Centre for Applied Statistics Workshops.

Public Archive

National Library holdings of NZSA publications are itemised here. This includes journals, newsletters, NZSA publications and SAPQC reports.

NZSA documents filed with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies, Department of Internal Affairs, such as financial statements and rule amendments, are available here. Under ‘Register Search’ enter 216054 as the Organization Number.

Further, three boxes of NZSA material were deposited by Stan Roberts with the Alexander Turnbull Library. This collection consists of correspondence of the association, including a great deal of Royal Society material, minutes and account books. Also included is material related to various projects undertaken by the association such as Calculator Fairs. They are catalogued here, with a link to an itemised catalogue.

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